‘White and Bright’ Vital Considerations in your Tooth Whitening Routine And Buying Your Products

This article, specifically enlists the Vital Considerations in your Tooth Whitening regime.



A beautiful Smile of Dazzling pearly whites. How selecting Tooth whitening products affects your smile and your teeth.


It is is a sequel to my previous article, the foundations of Tooth Whitening, The bright and right way to whiter teeth.

If it wasn’t apparent or disguised previously, I decided that in our quest for Whiter teeth, a more inquisitive checklist could best assist us and, decisions a little less perplexing.


With the vast array of selections and products directed specifically for tooth whitening, I was perplexed myself.


Not so long ago, there weren’t  too many options at our disposal or selection,  such as  over the counter or at home systems for tooth whitening ,  the fancy light activated devices or trays or  glo systems for teeth whitening, as these were accessible  in-office appointments, or sold exclusively at dental clinics or boutiques.


That being said, LASER Tooth whitening is relatively new and always evolving yearly, although safe at best and with supervision, it isn’t a procedure accessible for home use yet, probably in the near future?


I will be writing about that in detail equally, as LASER Tooth whitening performed in a dental office,  has it’s own merits and demerits.

The checklist provided below after you scroll down further, is mostly a health educational list, that my readers can benefit from,  sans  scouring the internet in a research driven quest.


With freedom comes responsibility ofcourse, the exercise of caution and understanding how the health of your teeth at present can influence your Tooth whitening procedure, and the results you can expect.


That is exactly the purpose of my article, ‘The vital considerations in your tooth whitening Routine and buying Tooth Whitening products’, suitable for you specifically.


What are these Vital Considerations in Tooth Whitening and brightening ?

Do you really need to know this or do you just jump right into the deep end?


As I mentioned and will stress upon again, frequent and over use read as misuse of tooth whitening products, can leave your teeth weaker and more susceptible to easily chipping and the worst to occur such as , breaking, fractures, long term micro fracture or stress fractures in biting, no defense against dental caries and absolutely no visible results with ongoing attempts to Tooth whitening.


After a threshold, dentin is scarce or scanty in volume and quality, and the tooth whitening product cannot address issues of staining, so the result is the red-pink pulp that shows up, as an indication of progressed pulp tissue inflammation and damage. That’s not what we’re looking for and should guard against.


The result of Enamel Weakening and Liability of Your Pearly White Teeth with Over Tooth Whitening. Yes,  there  is such a thing!


If you wish, or have come to the opinion of, This article is the preceding foundation for What They Don’t Tell You About Doing Brilliant Bright Teeth The White Way!

Many of the considerations and pre existing tooth maladies are mentioned, but this list is going to be the main stay of this article. It’s a checklist to make sure your smile is just as gorgeous, if not better than the picture above, good intentions all the way through !

These decisions also impact the efficacy: how profound results are, with Natural Tooth whitening products, or whether they will work at all for a given tooth or teeth.

However, owing to the concerns listed in the previous article, it still is a contentious topic best practiced with care and diligence in following manufacturer instructions, labeling or dispensing of Tooth whitening activated pastes, pens, varnishes, gels, trays, light activated systems or trays.

A more comprehensive classification of how Tooth whitening products are marketed today is more appropriate for the next follow-up article.

A sense of direction is what I want to promote and provide in buying and selecting, or perhaps determining your in-office suitability for Tooth Whitening procedures and treatments.


I have composed a checklist below, the ‘White and Bright Vital Considerations in Buying or Determining Tooth Whitening products’ suitable to you.


This Checklist as it is formulated to be, is a few questions to you the reader and something you would know about your teeth right now.  Surely I will offer you solutions and the best at that, in the following article.

This was essential to include, somewhat reinforcing the foundations covered in my last article, this is a sequel of sorts to:What They Don’t Tell You About Doing Brilliant Bright Teeth The White Way!,


Decisions on suitability or safety as stressed in the above mentioned article, are of paramount importance. Some stand out features that should set the best from the rest are as follows:

  1. Least propensity to cause adverse effects such as Dentin hyper sensitivity and gum disease, or pulp damage.
  2. The concentration is effective enough to cause a whitening change in a short time frame, I’m talking hours here, but it has a graduated response in time, just as any externally applied potent medical or dental agent does.
  3. It requires less fuss and is easy to carry out by anyone, implying simplicity and a lack of complexity.
  4. Can be performed at the convenience of your home, and doesn’t require special chairs or instruments.
  5. Reputability and wide acclaim are critical for home use or over the counter products, almost inextricably.


A checklist I have formulated for easy understanding, based on Dental Textbooks and journals is what I have included below. From there a more detailed view of specific products becomes a possibility. Its my kind of fashion, first the detail then the insight into options.

It profoundly affects your purchasing decision in approval or disapproval, or if we are no longer suited to whiten our teeth, have over-used a tooth whitening product too frequently, or simply because we need to address the most Vital Considerations and make decisions, regarding to safety and read Vitality responses of our teeth, long term.

That’s a decision on a see saw of appearance versus safety and health, that you need to ask yourself and your Dentist about when you check out.


Now I know you will have the next question lined up, okay so you’re not up for an in-office Tooth whitening wavelength of magic, rather, you’re seeking a wand for a Magic Tooth whitening spell at home?


You are mesmerized, at which Tooth Whitening miracle gives you Whiter teeth, upon awakening ?or in a week’s time for a special event ? or as a novel makeover, courtesy yourself  a spellbinder?

Petrichoresis_whiter_brighter_Teeth_Vital Considerations
A Petrichoresis of Whiter Teeth, as a vital consideration in Whiter and Brighter Teeth.

Once again, I will be using the definition of my website, A transformation of you which is basically an evolution, a Petrichoresis for all procedures and products that radically change for the best, your physical appearances and also profoundly affect your psychological makeup.

The result is no less a transformation and I believe I coined the term or was inspired very accurately.


Either way, a decision is based on relating your concerns to questions asked below, to determine how to ‘safely and best’ proceed ahead.

From there its really downhill and pretty easy to understand. Most health related topics definitely deserve a system of classification, without which not much can be done to remedy any solution, pretty understandable and straightforward at best.

It would also make a reliable bases, upon which any tooth whitening product discussed now and evolved in the future can be easily understood by you. Soon you will be able to know the suitability criteria for yourself. That is permanence.


Its the most vital consideration to decision making and has a profound weight on what you choose from here on forth. I must relate it to my first article:

What They Don’t Tell You About Doing Brilliant Bright Teeth The White Way!


Scroll Down To assess Your Vital Tooth Considerations and also Non-vital tooth assessments. Always consult your Dentist further!!

Scroll down to decide which concerns are yours?

1. Have you undergone any form of tooth or root filling? By this I mean a Root Canal Treatment (RCT for short)?

If so, a technique called the walking bleach and modified walking bleach technique may be recommended for you.


2. Do you have any crowns and bridges fabricated for you in the past?

The color may change with repeated bleaching appointments and the timing is of essence here.


3. Are you experiencing ‘shocking’ sensations and responses to hot/cold, pain/pressure applied or consumed? During eating mostly?

You might need to go to your dentist to confirm ‘Dentinal Hypersensitivity’ through a set of routine tests.


4. Have you had a fall or accident to your teeth in the past (recent/distant past)? Did you visit your dentist for x-rays or other tooth vitality tests? Is/was it financially prohibitive due to insurance limitations and fine lines?


5. Points 3 &4 form the basis for classifying ‘Tooth Bleaching’ techniques, according to Tooth to stimuli responses, into; Vital Tooth Bleaching methods, Non-vital Tooth Bleaching methods.

‘Vitality testing’ is carried out chairside and may be justifiable and followed up with x-rays depending on the assessments carried out by your Dentist.



Panoramic x-ray: Not often a justified means of assessment, however usually is a part of your kit, given a previous history of dental complex appliances and treatment(s). A tooth specific x ray is often called an intra oral apical x ray or radiograph. It is used in conjunction to in-office tooth vitality tests. Courtesy: Umanoide617690, from: Unsplash photography.


6. Were you made aware of any tooth defects at birth? This has a major impact to many esthetic procedures.

Birth Defects cause a permanence of tooth stains and even in some cases, development, shape and alignment.

7. Were you mistakenly, or unknowingly taking tetracyclines for any infections in childhood? This is more relevant to the yesteryears of antibiotic scheduling and prescribing practices.

A lot has changed in light of this view today.Tetracyclines (e.g., Doxycycline) are known to cause a darkening stain of one or many teeth. These stains maybe stubborn to a few ‘Tooth Whitening’ practices outlined in this article.

In my article: I addressed the concerns that might compromise and definitely alter results with Tooth whitening. I did mention Tetracyclines as a causative factor for ‘intrinsic tooth staining’.

For now, this is just a checklist of concerns you might ask yourself and me regarding The concentration, preparation and method of tooth whitening products.


8. Are you being treated for Acne? Are or were you prescribed Doxycycline?

If so, you have to check to see if condition 6 and 7 are applicable to you, and if you have milk teeth still over retained?
This might need to be repeatedly bleached or simply extracted?


9. Are you undergoing Orthodontic treatment? Do you have existing Crown and Bridges? Do  you require to replace these soon?

Appointments may need to be timed till after you complete your treatment, or the over retained and darkly stained tooth might require extraction. This way you get more time to complete your fixed brace treatment and not have to worry about so many things on your plate!


Tooth_Whitening_Considerations_Prosthetic_Orthodontic patients_Doing_Brilliantly_Bright_Teeth_The_White_Way
special considerations of tooth whitening with patients wearing either Braces or Tooth Replacement prosthesis



Special “Appliance and Prosthetic” Considerations in Vital tooth ‘Dental Bleaching’:

Some precautions merit the postponement or careful use of ‘Dental Bleaching’ products, OTC or in-office such as:

1. With existing restorations and complex dental work.

2. Orthodontic Treatment: Braces, wires, brackets and bases can all interact or be affected with repeated Tooth Whitening products.

3. Composite-Tooth colored restorations, and the impact of Dental bleaching on bond strength and curing completion (The strength of such tooth colored resin cements)

4. The propensity to aggravate hypersensitivity in your teeth, creating a vicious cycle. Your teeth are compromised, and sub microscopically are weak, with micro fractures that take up stains from foods and substances easier.


Orthodontic Appliances and Brackets that are affected during Repeated Tooth Whitening products over time. Take care talk to your dentist always in consultation.

10. Do you gravitate toward DIY and home use products as opposed to visiting a professional for the same results?

That is, do you gravitate toward home use products as a personal tendency? Is it because you are pressed for time or just because it’s far convenient and comfortable at home?



11. What degree of Bright and White teeth are you looking for? Do you have a concrete idea or just want to try it out first time or what has been your user experience so far?

Tests such as Spectrophotometry, assessment of skin tone under natural light with the use of the shade guide are the foundations of chair-time or side in-office assessments. Also, shade guides are provided in your home use, tooth whitening kits today.  Its always best to stay between 1-2 shades lighter than what you currently see in your mirror.

You have to factor in your shade matching to crowns or dental work carried out and the material used.  That would become your new white guide and perhaps, a shade lighter might guarantee uniform results in tooth whitening consistently.

If you are unsure of it’s interaction that’s when you have to pick the phone to speak to your dentist and leave them a voicemail at the very least, or better yet pay a visit.

12. Are you after the ‘Hollywood’ kind of red carpet smile?

We all are and I’m guilty as charged!

It’s the complete package. (Read my article on: Clear skin foods: THE EVOLUTION OF CLEAR SKIN PLANNED DIETS. WHAT ARE THEY SPECIFICALLY?)


13. What is your skin tone and facial features? A Vital Considerations  to Tooth Whitening aesthetically, that is with harmony as a result in your looks.

Based on, this ‘tooth-Dental  bleaching shade guide matching using a porcelain shade guide is customized. The treatment based on your desires and the Dentists’ fine eyes, may necessitate minor esthetic adjustments to teeth after or during the ‘Dental Bleaching’ therapy.

Its an interactive communication at best. Experience has also been beneficial, such as previously bleaching your teeth and having knowledge of your customized tooth shade number.

14. You could always do it the Witchy Way and opt for natural solutions, or from ingredients in your pantry. This topic is subjective and deserves its share of the spotlight.


Current methods include: activated charcoal, neem, oil, and let’s not forget lemon juice with baking  soda/with or without a combination of an over the counter, peroxide therapeutic whitening agent.

How reliable are these methods? That is a very interesting topic I will cover also.

Ive had some experiences with experimentation and trust me beauty spells are to be taken religiously.

There will always be the next new trend and that requires either confirming it or dispelling it critically. I do take every topic critical, because when you apply something to your body, ingest or alter in any way your body communicates almost immediately.


15. Stains are a major indication for esthetic bleaching in-office or with home maintenance.


16. Stains can be of internal, ‘Intrinsic’ origin or ‘Extrinsic’ external origin, which is another basis for classifying and dividing further the ‘Dental Bleaching’ modalities.


17. There may be quite a few articles I might need to dedicate to this vastly diverse sea of a topic I embarked upon!

Okay you got me, this isn’t a vital consideration to you but it most certainly is a vast topic that entails more than meets the eye.

18. A history of habits, of consuming forms of tobacco: smoked or chewed/ethnic, leaves behind difficult to remove stains through all available ‘Dental Bleaching’ avenues.


19. All ‘Active’ Bleaching agents have comparable results, and the outcome is the result of a given concentration of a bleaching agent for a specified contact time with teeth. (Heymann O,2005).


20. Coffee, chocolates and certain chromogenic-pigment imparting foods cause external stains, sometimes these stains may travel and permeate deeper than the superficial layer.

It’s far less common in natural teeth, however; these stains are the easiest to remove. This would be a big concern for porcelain and porcelain fused to metal crowns/ complex bridges and treatment constructed in the past. Scheduling appointments in the case of restorations are vital.

21. Pulp diseases manifest as ‘stains’ of dentin.

Dentin is the second layer right beneath the enamel. These are a class of intrinsic tooth stains.


Sub-microscopic representation to demonstrate Dentin’s appearance beneath enamel: Tubular network.


22. If you do check off with point 20, please do remember at an in-office appointment it is vital to exactly match your shade of crowns and restorations to your natural teeth.

Dental software is usually a handy tool for harmonizing results, to get your most beautiful smile yet!


23. Are you expecting or planned for future replacements or Crowns, that are prosthetic Dental Treatments by definition? Are you currently in treatment or yet to receive orthodontic or brace treatment, with bands, brackets or wires?

Bridges or orthodontic treatments? You definitely need to pay that visit to your Dentist to coordinate treatments. You’ll be thankful you did!


24. This is where I add the much-needed disclaimer:

The information is solely for self-education. Although, elements of journal-based evidence and study have been the backbone to my communication, it is in NO way a substitute or replacement to pay a visit to your Dental practitioner.


25. This article serves to Compliment my profession, not detract from visiting your Dentist.

You just have to Start loving those Dental visits for the pearly pretties you’re after!


26. There are deeper planes of consideration in ‘Tooth Whitening’, it is not merely a start to finish milestone.


27. Many factors influence successful results, most of which rely on individual health and psychological factors.

These are powerful factors, which may broadly encompass the use of natural products and opt for dietary overview and its effect on your teeth.


The Hollywood diet is not one I have mentioned in my article for Clear skin, but it is the very same thing as The Best Planned foods for a clear skinned you in a few easy steps.

This is because, to make it in the entertainment industry, individuals  have to make careful decisions about their diets and how it impacts the way they look. It’s a very active process that is always ongoing, not to mention a full time job itself which can test a person’s limits of patience and endurance to some very physical and psychological limits.

I’ve always thought about how the celebrities have to wake up each morning. Its both energizing and a process itself, only they can speak to that.


There are however some other pertinent considerations to consider and which serves to accurately guide us all the way thorough. I call it witches’ wisdom and you call it buyer’s confidence.


Vital  conclusions in Your Quest for White and Brilliant Teeth the White Way:

1. Over the Counter Whitening agents are approved for use by the American Dental Association (ADA).

2. However, this merits a consultation to check if you are an ‘ideal candidate’ for maintaining in-office bleaching results through OTC modalities.

3. The formulations are adaptations of professionally dispensed ‘active’ tooth bleaching/whitening agents.

4. Some retail products are fast evolving to include LED and low wavelength LASER to activate bleaching agents.

5. Kits and trays are emerging; however, it is necessary to get your bite checked before you opt for such tooth whitening kits.

6. State jurisdictions and new laws may evolve the way Dental Bleaching products are sold publicly.

7. Safety and supervision are the two most important parameters in deciding these new evolutions to law.


Precautions with respect to Tooth Whitening Currently: All your options are laid out on the table. The decisions are in your court.

1. Dental Bleaching can be classified according to how teeth respond to in-office diagnostic tests.

2. Vital Teeth can have both internal, deep or externally present superficial stains.

3. The origin of stains for Non-vital teeth arise from the root filling or past accident/trauma or developmental defects present even before the root was filled.

4. The approaches within are broadly classified as in-office or for home use.

5. Advantages of In-office use is higher and effective strength of ‘active’ bleaching ingredients, with tissue protection and the fact that a Dental Professional can ensure successful results.

6. The advantages of at home methods are cost and convenience, currently methods today in the market place are competing with in-office procedures and concentrations.

7. The ADA with the FDA are regulating non-dental avenues of therapeutic grade bleaching procedures, solely because it carries certain tissue safety risks among other considerations.

8. Frequent appointments for dental bleaching are ill advised due to tooth and tissue destruction eventually and progressively.

9. Always consult with your Dental practitioner if you want to maintain your results between appointments, with OTC products in today’s marketplace.

10. The vital considerations for ‘Dental bleaching’ Effectiveness are: Concentration, Tooth and Time.

11. Lasers, light and coupled Light and Laser/ infra-red activation methods are new delivery systems, present both in-office and OTC.

12. The main reported adverse effects of ‘Dental Bleaching are: tissue and gum destruction, cervical resorption (LASER) and gingival disease if sustained bleaching appointments are carried out.

13. Many delivery systems exist, for efficiency and are highly personalized today.

14. Protecting the gum is the no.1 priority in Tooth Whitening procedures.

15. Prominent and untoward side effects of ‘Dental Bleaching’ include: Tooth sensitivity, hypersensitivity of dentin, gingival irritation and inflammation, throat and respiratory effects/inflammation even secondary infection, nausea and vomiting. (Broome,1998).

16. Never overflow the tray as the bleaching ingredient damages your gums permanently and gradually.

17. Try to reduce the number of bleaching appointments as much as possible, more so if you have porcelain crowns or tooth colored resin restorations. Interference with success is guaranteed with frequent abuse of Dental bleaching protocols. Hence, it becomes both dangerous and wasteful in expenditure.

18. Always consult with your dentist and closely follow instructions.


Also refer to my article: How foods for clear skin can give you great hair and nails too!28 Unexpected ways Foods for Clear Skin gives you Better Hair! Part 1,The Best Planned foods for a clear skinned you in a few easy steps and last but not least, THE EVOLUTION OF CLEAR SKIN PLANNED DIETS. WHAT ARE THEY SPECIFICALLY?


I have emphasized how that diet plan affects the outcomes you want with some dental relevance. Soft tissues holding your gums also require nutrition, so that teeth stay put and don’t fall off at an early age.

Nutritional deficiency has a profound role in your looks and health, with each passing day ever more a need to stay on top of your game than before.

Its the leading cause of periodontal disease in adults, scurvy in both adults and children, adolescents and the pregnant, a cause of early denture wearing and really limits any chance with tooth whitening teeth that might remain.


If there is one quote that has really had a lasting impact on my studies as a dentist, it’s surely dedicated to the quote below, by a reknown in profession, prosthodontist ( specialist dealing with replacing teeth and related dental tissues or structures with artificial replacements), more objectively, phrased as below:


“The  preservation of that which remains, is of utmost importance and not the meticulous replacement of that which has been lost”.

By Muller De Van in 1952.



I can attest that every procedure or rule of dentistry holds this concept central to it’s practice, even the issue at the core of today’s topic: The vital considerations in Tooth Whitening, and how your Dental health scenario impacts your retail decisions.


Nothing says cosmetic Dentistry and looks matter more, than Tooth Whitening does!

In article one, the foundations to understand Dental whitening were the main stay, and one of the take home messages was that, Carbamide peroxide were preferred over Hydrogen Peroxide ‘active’ form.


This affects the way you buy your tooth whitening products and what you should be looking for is ideally a 10% concentration of Carbamide Peroxide, which has its full potency when it meets the oral and tooth environment.


If a product contains the active, Hydrogen Peroxide form,  you do need to consider it’s packaging and other constituents, such as preservatives and vehicle or mode of delivery.


Mode of delivery is the method by which it’s sold, either retail or by prescription. That depends on your decisions of where you’d like your teeth whitened and by whom?

That is the focus of the Review and comprehensive discussions around the very hot and happening topic of Dental cosmetic procedures, read Tooth whitening.

It’s the Petrichoresis of Your existing teeth and it’s interaction with non tooth material that has such profound effects on our appearance from here on forth.


With Luv and Respect to my Readers,

Dr. Shweta MG (BDs)


Please note as a disclaimer as always mentioned: this is solely intended for Dental health education and in no way is a substitute for seeking professional Dentist input.





















6 thoughts on “‘White and Bright’ Vital Considerations in your Tooth Whitening Routine And Buying Your Products

  1. As someone in the dental field myself, I really appreciate this post! So many people are unaware of the many hazards to their teeth. With all these new teeth whitening procedures and products on the market, it’s important that customers understand what they are getting into and how to get the best results, with minimal negative side effects. This was really helpful.

    1. Wow I am Beyond delighted to meet and hear from a colleague in my profession and to know that you found it helpful is more incentive. Tooth whitening is such a vast ocean in itself and so many options seem to pop up everywhere, I really meant it when I said I was perplexed myself. It becomes that much more challenging to know what to pick and from where without it’s undesirable consequences.

      That being said, I feel I also owe the noteworthy options due credit, after all the foundations are based on hydrogen peroxide and the enamel pellicle interaction level, and the release of a volatile compound that does our bleaching for us, nascent oxygen.

      The next article is dedicated to you : LASER Tooth Whitening, since you are already well into the field 🙂

  2. I have to admit that I don’t go to the dentist as often as I should. I have good health insurance but don’t even have my teeth cleaned.

    I know years ago the dentist did give me this professional teeth whitening kit. It did do a really good job, but it made my mouth really sore. My mouth hurt so bad that I couldn’t eat anything cold either.

    Have you ever heard about using lemon essential oil to help brighten your teeth, though? I have heard it works, but haven’t ever tried it.

    1. You are right this article is especially in consideration of all who silently have endured the post whitening ramifications and didn’t know the causes or if it was a tangible experience. It is and that is why I am mentioning how important it is to be conscious not only of cost but firstly health.
      Building upon this, I will diversify into Natural tooth whitening, methods and agents.

      Indeed, I heard of lemon and bicarbonate of soda but not of lemon oil per se. However because you brought it to my attention I shall read further and research that option within the context of natural alternatives.
      Its a galaxy of it’s own and deserves all eyes on it. Though I veer toward the established solutions owing to titrations and dilutions or formulations approved by FDA, I have come across volumes of articles in favour of natural alternatives also.

      If you have an article in favour of lemon oil I shall definitely link out to you.

  3. Hello. Great article. Very informative. Tricky market out there, I once bought a teeth whitening kit…never used it though. Didn’t feel comfortable…it came with so many accessories I didn’t know where to start. And when you go to the dentist…well you come out poor lol.

    1. Definitely a tricky market especially since there are externally applied agents or topical as it is termed, to choose from. I am working on the best solutions to the articles I wrote.
      I will send you an easier options breakdown, revered by dentists hopefully sooner than later:)

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