What is Petrichoresis?



Pet-ri-kor (n),  the distinctive smell when rain hits dry land after a long time.



The  Etymological (to imply historical and related spiritual) origins of  the actual dictionary term, ‘Petrichor’,

Arise from Ancient Greece as most unique words do.

To attribute the lifeline that rain is equivalent to divine blood flowing and in this case falling

From heaven upon Petra the god of Earth and Rock, and Ikor as that of fluid like blood traversing the veins of gods.


the meaning of Petrichoreseis 2 Petrichoresis dew on leaves Petrichoresis beauty and petals



I know how abstract that sounds, however it was fascinating to draw parallels to ourselves!

Rain that hits rock first splutters as droplets and upon dry rocks and parched earth, mingles magicallly to liberate a transformation. A gaseous vapor!

A sweet perfume rises anointing the air we breathe.
Why am I mesmerized?

This is called ‘Petrichor’.


Petrichoresis on the golden gate bridge


In California we really need it right about now!


Now I stand corrected in a sort of witchly way I wished it would rain and it did in torrential sheets of rain .

Our state has recently faced fatal bush fires as our planet is changing and not in a good sense either.

Okay Where did I leave the trail of thought ?

I was inspired to choose ‘Petrichoresis’ because it implied to me a natural transformation completely governed by my willingness to dedicate my energy to it.


Scientifically, this sweet smelling perfume in the air, is known to be a compound called, ‘Geosmin’.

Yup little chemistry 101 on that. The name even sounds like a sirens name, well to some who appreciate geeky humor.

This past week there were torrential rains throughout California and after a thorough home cleaning ritual, i always open the patio door. I really could fully appreciate the sweet perfume of ‘Geosmin’ in the air.

Perhaps I never really took notice before, but my home cleaning rituals always were complete with this fresh air flowing into my house and mystifying lights with music to compliment it.


Our personas, both physically and emotionally are akin to dry earth cracking , we all want to look as much as sound like a siren. Well that is our journey and it takes time.

Good things take time my father keeps reminding me.  The willingness to stick it out and persevere is the deciding factor.


I coined the term ‘Petrichoresis’, to denote an evolution of self through rational and analytical self inquiry.


Be your Own petrichoresis


I believe strongly that we gravitate to certain concepts, ideas and embrace choices solely based on a thorough analysis, or in very rare circumstances without a second thought.

The chances of the latter occurring even subconsciously are quite rare.

What do you feel about decision making and how do you make your decisions concerning your choices?

These decisions, even the smallest issues, influence our amplitude or troughs, with each decision. In doing so or choosing so, we become particles on a wave of relativity to our surroundings.

Those surroundings also need to support our growth !


It’s the conversation with your surroundings that matters as much as that within your mind.  If  you agree you probably are like me, a Natural Witch to the core.

A little food for thought and a little out of context here, yeah you know Einstein’s theory of Relativity, but I took it out of context.

I bet Einstein would be amused, I took his theory out of his mathematical context and applied it here.

Why ? Because it aptly describes the meaning of Petrichoresis.

I will continue that because I think we might be onto something along those lines.

In essence these decisions refelect my desire to present ourselves  with the rational basis for our lifestyle choices . It is imperative to understand what you are told and do so fully.

I am learning too so I’m on this path with you.



Back to the story of ‘Petrichoresis’, an interesting fact is that although I coined this word, it so happens to resonate with ‘Perichoresis’, the dance of divinity.

I urge you to  Google it.

Yeah are you surprised?


I was in seventh heaven (pun intended by the way).  Although it bears reference to a sacred Trinity, I will say the Sacred Trinity is actually YOUR BODY, MIND AND SOUL.

There is yet another food for thought!


My concentration and passions are centered around these focuses of our lives.


petrichoresispetrichoresis and healing


In part this witchiness that I knew never existed till date, was actually a driving force for me to seek knowledge and fully understand what that knowledge meant.

I always had the belief and still do, is that knowledge should stay with you and be applicable in all your lively activities or even before you embark on major changes.

I am a self proclaimed Natural Witch and resonate emotionally, and spiritually and thoughtfully with being a Natural Witch, which I will describe below here for those who are unaware of it’s deep seated meaning.


Petrichoresis pact petrichoresis the eyes of change



The Power of Three is a very strong Karmic force and follows thought out decisions and will full acts, and will come back threefold to it’s source.

It can be three fold success, three fold health, Three fold better quality of life and also negative. These will full acts can be the very essence of the meaning of ‘Petrichoresis’.

I am a true naturalist and do not like pretense or putting up airs or assuming role plays, as nothing is more obvious and superficial, less alluring and predictable than a drama queen or kings donning roles for a play in life!

It is also stressful and exhausting and that is not a recipe for beauty or tranquility, both of which are inter dependent upon the other to thrive.

the meaning of Petrichoresis and transformation
Awaken The Goddess in you

I’m not going to tell you to feel a certain way or do things other than what you can naturally feel for, other than what I am suggesting below that is;


TASK 1: Write down your most beautiful moments where you felt like on top of the world.  Pick it up Read it whenever you need an instant pick me up. Press ‘Send’.  

Even if you make the mistake of sending it to your boss,  fear not it was probably destined that way!


Forget impressing everyone, your family, your boss, your significant other or for that matter anyone you can think of right now who you are accountable to.

This is a space dedicated for your motivation, encouragement and rational analysis to make informed decisions for a revolutionized you!

You do not have to rely on a mysterious admirer to validate you, or a significant other either for that matter.

It doesn’t get more POWERFUL THAN SELF LOVE and a mysterious sophisticated confidence that is sexy and enviable!


I do not seek to teach you, I always make it clear, to hold hands and step into a world of different choices together and constructively.

I despise destructive thought processes, but have been guilty of them on a few occasions, but the magic is to quickly realize that is negative energy holding me down and I cant breathe that way!

My heart races and pounds, I get clammy and agitated, that is what is expected with a rush of Adrenaline coursing through the bloodstream.


A state of constant fatigue and stress is not on my list of self evolution, not now, not ever for as long as I can persevere in my efforts here and practically speaking also.

Beauty is subjective upon mindset, perception,  soul and state of emotional affairs also, by our environment which is external and internal also.

You are not born with a sense of harsh self critique, you are exposed to this as you grow to  your present self and beyond.

So if you were not born this way why do you need to embrace critique which is unkind to you? Even from yourself?


My personal real estate is dedicated to a slow but realistic foundation and to grow, not as author and reader, but rather as best friends do.

Petrichoresis lotus to represent blossoming to beauty

There will always be the sour lemon out there to put a damper on your energy and motivation, or perhaps we are not kind to ourselves, and harsh critical words are just enough to set you off path before you begin.

I can say I have constantly experienced this much too often that it challenges my sense of tranquility.

I have also decided that of all the fortes, mental health deserves the highest platform of importance otherwise nothing is worth anything at all is it?

Those who constantly judge us including ourselves, negatively, erode our self worth. What do you do ?

Block those voices and read my blog instead ! I’m here for you !



I just love Sia’s, ‘The Greatest’( remixed feat Kendrick Lamar),telling us no no don’t give up , I  am the greatest I’ve got stamina!

I just have to say it keeps me happier each time I listen to the song.

So listen to music it makes you accomplish things and re affirms any dwindling faith In ourselves.


petrichoresis and musicPetrichoresis and music on phone smspetrichoresis i phone music


What I had not grasped earlier in life,  is to cultivate patience to see results, patience with the process.

I was all for instant gratification !


I always fell hard for Instant Gratification in every form it presented to me!

I’m guilty as charged !

A part of me still holds onto it.

This aspect need not be completely abolished, but refined and recycled to provide impetus and motivation to maintain a standard to acquire them.

Fortunately or not, you can’t just flip a magical spell, drink a potion or apply a special mask and hope it’s bye bye woes and worries, it’s a waiting game!

Actually a correction, these days there are some miracle treatments but that is therapy not treatment. No instant gratification there.

We want to hold onto good things and forever. Even onto pretty objects in my case.

I love stylish interiors because it’s uplifting. I love cleaning too because I’m also creating an avenue to thrive in.

Those take time and effort and resources too. The best results are accrued over time there too and you still have your cake and eat it too!

Just this last weekend despite a rattling 4.6 magnitude earthquake in San Francisco Bay Area, I did manage to wake up and totally re arrange my home, shifting furniture and performing great cleaning feats throughout my home. Why?

Because the Natural Witch in me believes such rituals are cleansing of the year(s) behind and the momentous energy snow balled into the present.

Some energies are desirable you keep them, such as mementos, photos, tokens of affection from us and to us. Other energy belongs in the ‘miscellaneous’ to be edited category and are things we can do gladly without.


Energy doesn’t die it’s merely transformed.


How correct the laws of physics are!

So I took a few pictures of my toil and trouble,


my cleaning ritual which is petrichoresis petrichoresispetrichoresispetrichoresis-clean home ritualpetrichoresis clean home ritualsPetrichoresis rituals


I will own it !

I believe that holding onto rituals improves our sense of purpose exponentially.

There may be days nothing seems worth it, but initiating either beauty regimens or cleaning rituals will infuse your days with purpose and the motivation to strive for a better ourselves.

My scrupulously clean surroundings are actually my rebellion to negative energy. I will always practice this ritual, it’s worship to me.

Lately, I’ve been feeling  a lot good witchy too. I think it suits me for once and I’m proud to feel that way internally. Gives a boost to morale I can already feel it. That’s the thing it’s all how you talk with yourself about yourselves.

Sure, there are quick fixes and I believe in some of those methods, because hey miss insta gratification knows short cuts too !

My dedication is a toast to us growing and glowing older with rhyme and reason not just plucked out and telling you or teaching you or commanding you nor hypnotizing you either !

We are learning together!


petrichoresis pact

The combination of slow endurance and quick fixes are like mixed category stock trading. You get results at differing rates. Or like different treatments which have different times of action and onset or duration of activity.

What I have to offer you are my experience as a health care professional who is firmly rooted in the belief that our minds govern our daily progress, and as a friend you can talk to me.  In doing so, you might be helping others’ silent pleas.

That is a first in transformation, ‘Petrichoresis’ you may say, mind you it’s a steady process!


The rain are the droplets of constant opportunities to quench those gaping voids. Let it fill you up a bounty don’t stop it!

Do you resonate with me yet? If not do feel free to comment below, rather communicate below.

If not and mind my poetry meter * at least those natural poets and lyricists, here is my dedication to you guys and it goes a little something like this;


poem Petrichoresis.com

Tall Poppies and Violets buds unraveled

Weaving rich tapestry in bloom

Dancing in drops of iridescent dew refracting and reflecting your

Gorgeous glow, your colors anew an embodiment of  fire

The perfume of your petals linger in the air

seducing and enchanting

like Petrichor after rain .”

With love by Dr.Shweta MG


1000+ points to those who can feel deeper than the words convey .

Rain is like a blessing and has always been the harbinger of prosperity, however you reflect upon it.

In my faith it implies the goddesses of wealth and also of knowledge.

dew on beautiful petals to show the real petrichoresis

It can mean anything but I chose this unique title to describe a journey .

This is the journey I take with you my friend, to pursue our deepest desires to re-invent ourselves.

No this is not an online ashram but an altar to devote to ourselves rather.   If you are already blessed that is fantastic but who says you cant be blessed some more?

Who says there are limits to things and if you exceed these you are Spoilt?  Why can it never read that you are in fact blessed?

We live in a culture that both promotes and condones self attention, or shames us for checking off all boxes on the checklist of life.   That is why I think the world is actually and slowly coming around to realize how important self preservation is.

You can’t expect to finish that report and hand it to your boss or be ready for a meeting, to tend to household duties and children etc., if you are constantly fatigued and have worn yourself down miserably, can you ? That is why i keep

What better way than to associate our lives’ than to nature itself ? We have to find method to the madness and an algorithm to our lives’ which heavily stresses decision making in the correct manner.  Ignorance of voices deterring you is definitely bliss!


I believe you and I can make this journey together.

Together we can help each other feel and look our best.


That is why I describe this evolution and transformation, symbolically in my title ‘Petrichoresis’.

This is our Fresh start so let’s keep it rolling!

Plus I am standing up and writing this.


I make it a point to encourage you to call me as SHWETA , it brings us closer in my opinion.

please do communicate freely and let nothing hold you back, of course no pressure as your discretion permits.

While you are here, please  do check out my story My Story  and  privacy policy also.

Privacy policy for Petrichoresis.com


Till we meet I bid you Adieu.


Doctor Shweta.

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  1. Hi Shweta, I loved your topics about Perichoresis, the dance of divinity. So powerful, you really are very inspired by your body, mind and soul
    Absolutely amazing.
    Thank you.

    1. Thankyou so much Jacqueline and sorry for the late reply. I am very honored that you like my writing and will always from now on keep striving ahead. You definitely made my year today and I just saw your feedback at this moment.

      My inspiration is wonderful people like you in mind:)

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