My Story

Welcome to my World, I am Shweta.

I have always been an advocate for creative and soulful personal expression who seeks a depth and wealth of meaning in my creative and personal pursuits.

My wishes are to be able to convey these to you, through the medium of personal real estate, and the birth of my blog:

‘Petrichoresis , Eu de Refresh you!’



My-story Petrichoresis


Like my title implies, my journey here is my journal of experience and expression.

I will inspire you of the reasons, such an abstract word came to define my space,style and purpose.

Naturally myself, I’ve always been hopeless at pretense in every aspect, where the need arises I will be passionate and continue to evolve and grow.

There is actually no word called ‘Petrichoresis’, I coined this word to convey a self evolution and motivation to feel at our best, even if nothing seems to be going our way.

Here is where I need your help as my friends first and readers later.

I’m proud to be carefree, outspoken, independent and own my thoughts and views. I own it fully!

Firstly, I am a blessed mother to my son, aged 3 years to date , and a foreign trained Dentist by profession.

My professional training in many surprising dimensions has sculpted my personality.

It has strengthened my desire to express it creatively in every manner I can aspire to.

This plus the inherent desire to evoke a step in a positive direction to all who come to know my unique style.

I love the best, the rarest and most outworldly creations of other artists in their respective fortes.

That is where I come to let you in on my vision and choices for drool worthy creativity.

As a child I was always looking for the reason for everything I experienced. I was called ‘different’.

Today it’s my style my persona I wear that badge proudly . You do not have to visually stand out all that is within our self make up .

Today, I can journey with you and share my wisdom, outlook, fears, emotions, experiences or philosophies through this medium.

I am a night owl and a serene soul, my best and most evocative feelings arise at night beside my bedside, or at early hours of twilight into dawn.

This is my ‘Creative Zen’.



Petrichoresis is my creative zen


Communication is a two way flow, where I request my readers to feel a bond of closeness and trust to express themselves freely .

Yes freeely!

Communication is not natural if we pretend to be someone or something else is it ?

Another inspirational motive there.

I want to hear the stories that move your soul and which get your thoughts juicing, emotions fired and any requests or topics you have to ask me?

My soul purpose is to share my expressions of experiences here with you,to motivate ourselves, so I can grow with you my friends!

Happy New Year 2018 and may I be a part of your journey ahead. Signing off for now see you very soon.

January 1st 2018, San Francisco California.

With love,

Dr.Shweta M.Ganesh.
(BDs) plus other titles ( this is not my resume).