The Best Planned foods for a clear skinned you in a few easy steps

I am back with the sequel to my last article Here in  Part 3 , the final part in this mini-series devoted to Clear Skin healthy Foods and Diet plans, we discuss meal plans and products which will turn your skin’s life around!

We already reflected on the Paleolithic, Ketogenic and Specialized Diet plans. This section is dedicated toward the Mediterranean Diet Plan which can broadly encompass all three ‘Planned foods’ and ‘Diets’ already high lit previously.

Foods that radically give you the clear skin you have always pined for. Just follow the guidelines and data I have provided here in my comprehensive article.


“Dietary components act synergistic-ally in relation to health: To strike a balance your consumption is not only related to solids but to the liquids or beverages consumed equally.”

US Department of Health and Human Services, 2015 guidelines.

A closer look into these guidelines reveal an approach to adopting skin healthy practices, in two very broad categories:

1. Adopting a Mediterranean style of diet: Appendix Four of The USDA regulated standards: An Omnivore-oriented ‘Planned Foods and Diet’.

“A Mediterranean diet comprises of bountiful fruit and sea food intake, and comparatively less dairy according to Geo-demographics and land sustainability in the Mediterranean belt of countries adopting this eating habit, than the regular and adopted United states diets.”

U. S Department of Health and Human Services, 2015 Guidelines for Americans.

My style, ‘eating habit or pattern’, I have found to be effective actually closely resembles a ‘Mediterranean style’ of diet.

I tend to gravitate to choosing seafood over other sources of protein and usually because I find it scrumptious.

This goes for exotic sea food like oysters, scallops, other shell fish but definitely not octopus! Nope not a fan of that but count me in on caviar or roe.

The Mediterranean diet is also high in all the above 28 mentioned macro and micro-nutrients. I feel more alert and active to also pursue other activities and also activities centered to beautifying and pampering myself also!

2. Vegan and Vegetarian approaches:

Please refer to the chart provided below, it summarizes the concept and differences to an omnivore ‘Mediterranean’ diet, and of foods to constitute a plan toward clear skin, with these dietary conditions considered.

28- Unexpected-ways-foods-for-clear-skin-gives-you-great-hair-too-part-3-Mediterranean-diets-are great choices.
A ‘Planned Skin Food-Diet For Various sub categories of the Mediterranean Diet’ as outlined by the U.S.Department of Health and Human Services, 2015 Guidelines. No such table was formulated there, however I have created this based on all my references.



Good things take time remember? That is the way of life in the Mediterranean Belt and it has not failed them when it comes to Beautiful Skin and complexion.


When addressing beauty and nutrition, it is imperative to give the stage to the best health and acknowledge that any diseases that may be present may drastically affect outcomes.

This is true even in context of using skin care products, anti-aging products or tools and it is highly personable.

Within my go to source of comprehensive statistical data, and a reference that deserves accolades; there are studies that demonstrate the correlation of sebum production to a diet high in dietary fats and carbohydrates.

There are certain islands in the pacific, whose diet is far more balanced than the so called ‘western diet’ cited by the Pappas A, 2009 study.

It states the ‘Western diet’, predominantly lacks Alpha Linoleic acids(αLA’s), long chain essential fatty acids, and omega-3 fatty acids, on the contrary is higher in dietary fat and carbohydrate.

It is worth considering that geography had to do a lot with the evolution of diet, and the vegetation of each demography was entirely responsible for how diets and cuisine evolved.

This study demonstrated that indeed, consumption of a purely ‘Western Diet’ plan devoid of Essential Long Chain Fatty acids, has a positive correlation to varying sebum compositions, a breeding ground for ‘Propioniobacterium.acnes’, thus acne occurs easily. It is also worth considering that this study high lit, ‘relative’ acne resistance genetically in the diets of the native islanders of this study.


Inflammation is responsible for acne flare-ups and a lack of clear skin thereof.

A mode of management for severe recalcitrant Acne, for which all measures have been evaluated as ineffective, is often and or currently used in conjunction with Accutane for acne, is a 5-lipoxygenase inhibitor, called Zileuton. (Pappas A et. Al, 2009)

What is Zileuton?

Zileuton is an Oral 5-lipoxygenase Inhibitor, directly reduces Sebum Production. It supplements and acts along with The Retinoids, ‘Ro-Accutane’ and ‘Isotane’ to deliver clear skin results with minimum adverse effects.

It is an anti-inflammatory drug with enormous propensity to halt lipid oxidative reactions which may further ‘exacerbate’ inflammatory status occurring within the sebaceous glands.

It has incredible propensity to clear acne both in adolescents and for adults suffering recalcitrant (not responsive to conventional therapy modalities) acne.

It acts at the inflammatory mediator release level after the onset of an inflammatory process, because it cannot act without 5-lipoxygenase, a potent mediator released by platelets during the inflammatory cascade of events.
(Pappas A et. Al, 2009)

My personal snack choices which have proved effective instantly: Treat them as meals if you may!

1. Salmon:

the snacking variety, in sushi or even lightly poached. I try to stay away from baking salmon or oily fish for that matter.

There are epidemiological studies that demonstrate that increasing the intake of omega-3 fatty acids through a diet rich in fish and seafood results in lower rates of inflammatory disease. (Pappas A et. Al,2009): Pappas A and Associates were able to Quantify and Draw conclusions as a result of a comprehensive study and data conducted by them and available to them.

There is no major loss of Omega 3 Fatty acids on baking and to date, no studies have substantiated that a cooking method for fish will reduce its nutritional values.

2. Yogurt and dairy:Organic and currently I am considering homemade like the good ol’days!

Once again a potent source of Vitamin D in diet for clear skin. I usually incorporate Granola in limited quantities, cocoa nibs, and make it a Yogurt Fruit Salad bowl.

3. Seeded snacks and bread: Try With Vegemite or Marmite (available in some Pacific countries like Australia and New Zealand, and a Rich source of B complex vitamins and Nutritional yeast.

Seeds are a wonderful and if not sole source of quite a few Essential Fatty acids.

To remember this effectively, I have categorized the vegetarian sources of Essential Fatty Acids to comprise: Nuts, Avocado/ known as butter fruit in some nations and seeds.

Visually, they have a glossy sheen so you can tell they are a great source of essential fatty acids by appearances alone.

Crackers and Cheese as a part of a Charceuterie Board is my all time Favorite. Gives me great energy and I look and Feel better. Don’t forget to add delicatessen Seafood like Oysters and smoked  Salmon or lobsters.

4. Trail mix with Brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, almond and dried fruit of any kind:

Source of Essential Fatty Acids in food for clearer skin: Brazil nuts according too few studies has been shown to enhance barrier function in skin and has a high fat content, similar to Macadamia nuts which I just love to snack on.

You can make macadamia milk or add a few in your morning smoothies not to mention a combined nut milk on hand readily at your disposal.

Store brought Nut milk is not really what you think it is, it hardly contains 2 % of the given nut, such as almond milk as a widely sold nut milk.

The rest in composition by a highly undesirable filler such as fructose corn syrup and preservatives, tapioca in some instances.

Next time turn the carton around and read the constituents and calorie, look also at the protein which is less than 2g per serving, say a serving is around 1 cup.
Two grams of nut by weight of volume is not significant, other parameters like carbohydrate around 23g suggests sugar or fructose corn syrup is definitely present.

These are on the spot analyses you can do just by scanning no need to take out that calculator it doesn’t have to be so complicated.

5. My go to solution: I have to start implementing this daily!

A punchy Green juice or smoothie with berries as a compulsory ingredient. If you do not like tartness you can omit the acidic ingredients and add banana substitute water for coconut water as well.

6. Hot black tea:

Really soothes in the late evenings, and after an indulgent spa bath, which is almost every day. Black tea is rich in antioxidants which halt photo and natural aging of skin and the body overall. Anxiety leads to hastened aging and dull complexion, not to mention tea is reputed to have high anti-oxidant properties.

7. And who said coffee was bad?

We will address that as coffee has its toxic limit as does any medicine/drug of profound nervous system effects.

It is excitatory and stimulatory to the Central Nervous System (CNS) and has excitatory actions on the autonomic nervous system which regulates your heart rate and lung functions.

This occurs through its direct action at the receptor level of smooth muscle epithelial cell receptor sites.

Whew that was a lot of physiology! but it really sums it up for your clarity in understanding.

The potent compound is Theobromine in coffee and cocoa beans.

Theophylline used in the medical management for Asthma, is derived from Theobromine as a synthetic analogue. It opens up airways to improve oxygen intake.

This is beneficial as food for clear skin, as metabolism of waste is hastened and cells function efficiently. It opens or say widens the diameter of capillaries in the skin to further absorb oxygen at the facial surface.

Therefore, even the oxygen carriage to the scalp which is rich in blood supply also dually benefits you see.

Here it is said to have alpha actions on the blood circulatory system and beta actions on the respiratory lung carriage system of oxygen and effects on epithelial cell receptors as mentioned above.

Just don’t give chocolate to your pets they lack the enzymes to digest them and if you accidentally do, really pour nearly two cups of milk and make them drink it forcefully (It is fatal to dogs and cats).

Sorry for the digression but this is akin to medicine and also shouldn’t be given to human Infants either.

8. Dark chocolate and natural cocoa nibs slow roasted:

Are readily available for both cereals and smoothie additions. You get great health food ingredients at great prices at Trader Joes’ my new favorite haunt and then Whole Foods.

However, a few studies not cited here, have attributed lecithin, a common additional ingredient in chocolate manufacture, more relative to milk chocolate, to elicit hormonal like signals and induce acne, also causing a state of Hyperglycemia, responsible in the physiology and internal dynamics of acne expression.

It would benefit you to stay true to dark chocolate if you opt for a beauty enhancing snack chocolate.

9. I love nutritious soups and especially Asian diets: All Asian diets included it’s so tantalizing really!

10. Talking about most Asian cuisine and diet: The spice is really exciting as much as being a potent antioxidant and antimicrobial as well.

Most ingredients are great digest ants and exert dominant medicinal properties and mechanisms of actions with potent anti-aging effects through their anti-oxidative free radical binding and elimination properties.

Asian and south-east Asian diet contrary to consumption of rice, has a very balanced diet offering for you with no deficiency in any food macro and micro nutrient groups.

You can debate this I would love to hear that for sure, but I have not read one study that doesn’t recommend its beneficial medicinal effects.

That is Zen for sure!

I will dedicate a separate article relevant to a great winter dish that you can attempt at home very soon.

I bet you would just love it especially in this cold winter flu season still running its course in the United States.

Capsaicin’, which is a natural analgesic and potent antimicrobial agent acts at the COX level of pain inhibition and suppression of inflammation.

‘Peppers’, a class of fruit are abundant in this compound are also rich in Vitamin C.

Its effects are also far-reaching into weight loss, such as with cayenne pepper.

This is an ingredient used very discriminately as it is powerful, can be an irritant and extremely spicy.

Vitamin C is required for collagen regeneration, and repair. It is also the cure for bleeding gums on brushing.

This calls for a flash back, a story that always has me in stitches of laughter every time I think about it. A story that does due justice to combine peppers, rich in vitamin C with nutrient rich in omega 3 fatty acids and a potent source of dietary retinol, salmon.

My initial attempts at getting my friend on board about salmon and its beauty benefits, especially in a spicy medium which she preferred I think I went over kill!

I opted to use ghost peppers instead of the Thai bird chilies, I made her a ‘Vietnamese caramel salmon’ to go for her family. Of course, I packed the same for myself for clinical rotations the next day. At lunch, I was in for a real shocking surprise it just lit me on fire and I wondered how my friend fared.

It was not the expression of caramel with butter and palm sugar, rather the fire of ghost peppers haunting my mouth. All this during a seminar on implants in a patient related case!

In the evening I went to remind her that if she had not tasted it to NEVER TRY IT. Unfortunately, she had served it to her husband and son of age 4 years.

We burst out laughing uncontrollably just imagining the sheer horror of her husband and son, and herself struggling to digest it.

I never repeated that mistake again. Indeed, the capsaicin did some wonders and made us giggly, its known to stimulate endogenous endorphins as well.

What I tend to stay ‘STRICTLY’ away from:

Foods which are high in sodium are shown to have a linear relationship with Adult Cardiovascular Heart disease and are a source of empty calories as well. They also result in Hormonal-endocrine mediated acne and hypoglycemic impact on aggravating acne.

These foods you can consume occasionally only. If you are like me I think health foods actually have a wholesome taste and are far more exciting than snacks that attempt to replicate those tastes.

1. Salted nuts and crackers.

2. Non -grain snacks/ refined starches. You know them by their pale and chalky appearances.

3. Extremely seasoned snacks and potato chips.

4. Carbonated drinks:

The only exception is Red Bull, as some ingredients are actually micro nutrients, pyroxidine, nicotinamide, inositol and to a varying degree caffeine as well. This is on occasion only during my house-cleaning-self hosted self attended parties!

There are options here for sugar content as well. You can disagree with me but I have felt the beneficial effects, this does not mean go out and binge drink it.

It’s like a treat for me especially in-house cleaning self-hosted parties for me by me.

5. Ready-made meals/ Industrialized meals:

I prefer cooking and will make myself do the work. For this reason, I love kitchen appliances.

A new body of confirmatory evidence found at this link,

sheds a similar light on industrial or homone reinforced dairy or processed carbohydrates, as cited by a noteworthy journal, ‘The Dermatologist’.

6. Eating out.

I love the art of cooking so it makes sense I use money towards the kitchen instead. However, if you lead a busy lifestyle I don’t suggest you spend your beauty sleep hours toward cooking.

7. Alcohol: another option to stay away from. It has serious negative effects on the liver and cause liver spots with constant intake.

I found this slightly amusing too:

According to the U. S Department of health and Human services, people who have not consumed alcohol, have no evidence to start consuming it.

This is the exact reason I first addressed the classes of foods and giving examples of what constitute ideal eating patterns and habits.

The options above are very high in sodium concentration, a micro nutrient which is best kept to a bare minimum, owing to scientific evidence of it’s linear and direct correlation with Cardiovascular morbidity and contributes to empty calories.

This is not the focus of the discussion but it is an essential consideration to be acknowledged.

To be forthright I maintain a great complexion, beautifully through diet alone, and it has been a good few months since I did get to run on the treadmill for 20 minutes in a stretch continuously.

Factual Disclaimers:

  1. To firstly put forth a disclaimer, Foods can only influence but not instantly give you clear skin. The outcomes and propensity of action of these essential nutrients in human sebaceous cells is not elucidated comprehensively, and requires further investigation as do many clinical trials and medical studies (Pappas.A et. al, 2009)
  2. Foods are not solely responsible for acne or to modify and give you clear skin. There are a myriad of factors responsible for this, such as: GENETICS, DIET, ENVIRONMENT, PSYCHOLOGY AND MEDICAL HEALTH CONDITIONS.
  4. There exists no comprehensive clinical trials, reports or studies to substantiate the role caloric intake or restriction has on sebum composition or production. A possible link may only attribute this to the disease progression (pathology) of acne vulgaris (correct terminology).
  5. It is the symphony of a variety of healthy conscious eating patterns that will get you results, even then you need to be patient and not hasten this process. Nothing happens overnight and if it did its extremely short-lived.
  7. Blood is the main mechanism by which these nutrients are transported throughout the digestive system and hepatic/ liver circulatory system for degradation and activation or inactivation.
  9. Note that cooking methods employed are a considerable part of obtaining the full benefit of these nutrients, often referred to as ‘macro nutrients’.
  10. THE PALEOLITHIC AND KETOGENIC DIETS, more so the ‘MODERN PALEOLITHIC/PALEO’ DIET has proven to contain the essential beauty foods listed 1-28 in ARTICLE 1 OF THIS SERIES. Its effect is good as it’s compliance rate and duration.
  11. According to numerous studies citing the same, there exists no meta analyses, Randomized controlled trials or clinical studies to illustrate or pen this concept in stone yet. Therefore, it requires constant research to make authoritative deductions in the future. IT IS CONSIDERED AN ACNE MODIFYING THERAPY AND REQUIRES DILIGENT RESEARCH TO CONTINUE.
  12. There is only a limit to the effect of natural Vitamin A to cause an effect appreciably regarding foods that give you clear skin. However, there is definitely an association.
  13. According to the guidelines, fortified foods can be given in limited quantities or as supplements. THIS IS ESPECIALLY TRUE WITH KETOGENIC DIET PLANS, VEGAN, VEGETARIAN AND SPECIALIZED DIETS.
  14. You can make your own supplement drink! Just grind your chosen ingredients and vitamin supplements in a high wattage blender, either Vitamix or Wolf Gourmet have wattage ranges in the range of 1500 rpm competitively.
  15. YOU DON’T HAVE TO SHELL OUT MONEY THAT WOULD HURT YOU FINANCIALLY. DIET IS EASILY ACHIEVABLE, however occasionally a one time investment is cost effective.
  16. There is a product that has spurred my deepest interest: drinkable dietary supplement for clear gorgeous skin.It was founded by a Bethesda MD, Plastic Surgeon, Mark E. Richards MD called ‘Skinade.

According to ‘Skinade’, the drink has the highest bio-availability and is actually known as a ‘Nutraceutical.’
This essentially means, that through its delivery system which has been scientifically engineered to very advanced standards.

The efficacy will not be diminished through oral or digestive metabolism and it’s nutritional building blocks can facilitate complete effect where desired.

The target of the ‘Skinade’ is to stimulate the bodily collagen producing mechanisms already in place.

I bought myself a Vitamix ascent 3500 series during the holidays and the matching or say complimentary smart scale. I was suffering from a lack of incentive so this is now helping me a great deal.

However, looking at the prospects of the ‘Skinade’ I think it is well worth a try if we have not already.

It is quite affordable and depends on the delivery system you choose, drinks or gel sachets to be suspended in water.

I’m advocating it because it has already appeared in quite a few magazines and sources, not to mention it has won prestigious awards to it’s title, which are numerous awards for being the top products years in a row.

So how does a drinkable ‘Skinade’, differ from other stimulating supplements and other ‘Nutraceuticals’?

The key constituent of effect is hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides.

Other ingredients include: Water, concentrated grape juice, methyl-sulphonyl-methane(MSM), citric acid, natural flavoring agents, calcium Ascorbate (vitamin C calcium complex), complex ed with all the Vitamin B water-soluble vitamins.

Other contributing micro nutrients include: L-Lysine, preservatives such as potassium sorbate also used in tooth paste and other cosmetic preservatives, ‘organic flax seed oil’, and sweeteners such as sucralose.

(obtained and cited in references:skin ‘Skinade’ research conducted by Baroni et al.,2012)


According to the ‘Skinade’ scientific data sheets, or what is available for public use, hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides have low molecular weight and act through fibroblast stimulation, cells responsible usually present in dermal/ dermis layer of skin.

The mass of fibroblast population increases and collagen is deposited to compensate for damage and stimulate wound closure and healing eventfully (without other complicating medical history that is).

As a result, there will be faster healing of a scar, pimple, improved fine lines and barrier protection is amplified (Baroni, et al., 2012)

The essence is it is indeed food supplement for clear skin. For further information, I have provided a link directly to it’s mechanism of action. I have also referenced the source in box below for references cited here.

The constituents are safe for specialized dietary requirements, those who have gluten intolerance, lactose and dairy intolerance and is not genetically modified therefore, will not exert hormonal like effects within the body.

Other less commonly addressed issues that can affect the way you store these foods that you consume for clear skin;

Keep an organized fridge which is cleaned periodically. I cannot stress the importance of this to your beauty. On Numerous occasions, I have lost great vegetables and fruits, solely because I forgot them in the fridge. It is not friendly to your budget if you look at it financially.

Always clean your mobile devices or high traffic tools with an alcohol swab or with antibacterial wipes or sprays, wherever possible and as often as you can.

This is true for mobile devices as they touch your skin, and no amount of nutrition will yield you results unless you cater to this important and neglected aspect of maintaining clear skin.

Invest in Lekue silicone microwave safe products. I always go searching for anything new by this brand, they have everything you need for a three-minute lean dinner to a popcorn night.

Your tendencies and habitual or psychological eating habits or patterns solely govern your outcomes.

Of noteworthy reference, is a product I recently read in a beauty report magazine, stating In the United Kingdom, a medical physician developed and is currently marketing a drinkable supplement.


If you have concerns or would like to add to this, please I do encourage you to comment below. It goes without saying I promote this communication as I have stated In my main pages :My Story


An App that only recently I stumbled upon, and worth your consideration and planning, in addition to diet and food recommendations in my articles, is called : MDacne – Custom Acne Treatment by Oded Harth. You might want to check that app on the App Stores , on iTunes for apple and Googleplay for Android devices.


Eating for Clear skin is through the nutrients acting at a cellular level to cause effect and should be the easiest thing, it really depends on ourselves!
I must give credence and respect to the sources which have enlightened me, as I myself do not have a laboratory or such facilities to conduct such vast time dependent studies.

28 unexpected-ways-foods-for-clear-skin-gives-you-great-hair-too-references-citations
Cited references appear throughout the article. This is a specific dedication to the references applicable here.

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