28 Unexpected ways Foods for Clear Skin gives you Better Hair! Part 1

What if you could be a Sexier you by this week-end? Yes that lighting 48-72 hours fast !

Rest assured this is through evidence based science and personal experience and our goals’ are within our reach!

We explore the ways we define sexy over the few weeks and keep the good stuff going!

Clear dewy skin, water droplets refracting your beautiful skin in all lights and feeling like you could be the next run way model!

Who knows what surprises may land on your lap this year?

You might be the next face for a magazine or a brand, or be able to finally flaunt a style you never dared to before.

I’m talking about the ever stylish Clear Skin movement, where you don’t second guess your outfit and all your makeup works for you.

You might not even need the makeup rather you’d be proud flaunting your efforts, if you follow these expert outlined recommendations.

So whether you are a sexy something in your prime, it is highly likely you’ll be heading out into town like every night!

You’re definitely going to take a lot of pictures and selfies and do a lot of other things with those pictures! Shhh don’t tell me that’s your secret.

The only secret is your skin doesn’t keep them. The face you wear out speaks a lot about how you have been treating yourself and it shouts out loud!

The mask you wear should be flawless clear skin!

Clear skin is characterized by the absence of any blemishes or redness or unwanted flaws.

It is a guide for both guys and girls, adults and adolescents equally.

The first step to achieve clearer skin is through food.

Did I forget to mention you get lush nails and shed unwanted weight and get summer body insta-ready?
This is a scientific approach so you might want to get into something comfortable!
Clear skin is an eloquent style statement that can never die down! It is not gender oriented or specific either.

What do Dermatologists and Doctors recommend in foods for clear skin complexion?

1. A ‘Quality’ Protein rich diet: The type of protein you select has a great impact and so does your weekly consumption. Read further into the article to know why or how.

2. Whole Grains provide an excellent source of B complex vitamins: Foods in this category are rich in Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid), a water-soluble B complex group of vitamins. Whole grains are also rich in trace elements.
3. The Vitamin B complex group of vitamins are mediators of cellular biochemical reactions.

4. Sea food especially oily fish as a choice. A favorite and has instantaneous results.

5. Bountiful baskets of fruit and vegetables: especially high in water density- Rich in Vitamin C for collagen growth and proliferation. Water soluble like the B class vitamins.

6. Foods rich in vitamin A, D, E and K: Class of fat soluble vitamins: Foods rich in Vitamin A, D and E the Fat-soluble class of vitamins have an integral role in maintaining that youthful skin hydration (Dewy complexion/ fresh-faced glow).

They promote growth where necessary even against aging (known as photo aging widely) and the uptake and use of the nutrition you provide at sub -microscopic cellular level.

7. Essential Fatty acids that can be taken in a supplement is a MUST: The linoleic acid group is responsible for that dewy glow we all want. Read ahead for the exact reason why?

8. Supplement your diet with trace minerals which are required by the body and are called ‘trace elements/ trace-metals’. Good award-winning supplements include ‘Skinade’ and ‘Nutrafol’ among designer ‘Nutraceuticals’.

9. Trace minerals and metals, are the major class of catalytic agents, for your cellular level reactions, that which replaces damaged skin and can be potent agents for ‘arresting’ photo-damage.

10. The effect of Retinoids is interdependent on the ingestion of fatty foods for their effective expression.

11. Foods Rich in Vitamin A play a pivotal role in skin health, texture and integrity.

12. Vitamin A and its synthetic metabolites are usually approved for clinical use in the treatment of mild and moderate to a severe degree of non-responsive/ recalcitrant acne, also its use extends to arresting signs of further photo-aging or biological skin aging.

13. Foods Rich in Vitamin A. And D evidenced by extensive study at the cell receptor level, biochemical level of study has been shown to possess properties akin to regulating hormones of the body.

14. A Predominant source for Vitamin D in Diet are: Dairy, meat and Milk products.

15. What are my vegan choices? I will enlist these respective to their class of nutrients.

Due to the sheer volume of supporting evidence and contributing factors, to claim that indeed food has a role in clear skin, this article will be divided into parts for easy understanding, like a miniseries.

16. Foods rich in Folic Acid, Vitamin B9 are essential to catalyze many cell and biochemical reactions occurring throughout the body as are trace metals, selenium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, iodine, copper and Iron.

17. Supplements can provide the ideal source for trace minerals and elements required for many bodily cellular reactions.

18. Skin health occurs at a cellular level and therefore nutrition is critical in this way. Nutrition delivery occurs via the bloodstream, and topical effects are temporary. Products are used in maintenance of barrier protection against harsh insults, however there are some noteworthy topical products under constant research.

19. Vitamin K is imperative in synthesis of all clotting factors, which complements the action of Vitamin C. Clotting allows the fibrin (collagen fibrils enmeshed with platelets) as a scaffold or foundation for wound healing to take place, so that healing will occur eventfully. If it is uneventful healing with infection then you need to see your physician.

20. An iodine rich diet is essential for proper Thyroid gland function, the powerhouse of hormone regulation in your body, the butterfly located above your Adams’ apple.

The Thyroid has 98% authority in your appearance and internal regulation throughout your life. If you are pregnant currently this is a must! Eat fish abundantly.

21. Vitamin C: This class of vitamins which occur naturally in Fruits and vegetables, increase the absorption of Iron in the body and in supplements are often found to be complex ed together. A top choice is the peppers group for a myriad of beneficial effects.

Check this out the next time you are in the supplements aisle or you need to purchase it.

22. Never take Iron and calcium at the same time, however you may take iron supplements with orange juice and citrus. Essentially whilst taking iron supplement do not consume dairy within the moment.

23. Never drink milk after having iron supplement: its effect is negated due to chelation (A replacement reaction at the cellular and enzymatic receptor level).

24. There is evidence that linoleic acid is structurally present in skin/ natural ceramides offering barrier protection. The synthetic analogues only serve to complement hydration and ‘barrier protective function’.

25. In cells, 1,25 di-hydroxy-vitamin-D3 regulates growth and differentiation and are now prescribed for treatment in psoriasis patients (an affliction of compromised skin integrity and texture).

26. All the above examples are cited to reiterate the fact that these nutrients and their metabolites can influence skin hydration, hyper proliferation and metabolism, this definitely extends to hair follicles which are embedded in the stratum corneum of the dermis.

Nutrition for hair is within the hair follicle not externally over the head same as that for the nail bed.

27. Diets rich in refined carbohydrates have established links to exacerbating sebum production which in turn can cause acne.

28. Nutrition heals what is already experienced and processed by the body as trauma, inflammation or infection. It is a supporting treatment not the main foundation. However, it is definitely a preventive measure.

Promises and claims by advertisements: Some topical creams and lotions promise you the world with rapid ‘overnight’ clear Skin.

It is prudent to treat it with skepticism. There are a few noteworthy products and they are not topical, but are instead referred to as ‘Nutraceuticals’.

The skin is a natural barrier and an impediment for topical agents, to gain direct access to blood to be absorbed.

Underlying the skin is a rich bed of tiny capillaries, blood vessels that actually deliver the nutrition required to the surrounding tissue, that is where the effect is caused.

Hair masks are applied exteriorly but do not have any systemic absorption, or do NOT rejuvenate hair, it just lubricates the hair exteriorly from appearing like hay.

Exercise caution and do READ LABELS.

Hair or skin masks can be comedogenic (acne causing). DO you know your allergies ? Have you tested them out specifically with your doctor?
It is imperative to do so, you can never gauge how foods can interfere with products you use and the result is not pretty. The mineral oil component, such as a clear example in pomade for hair (this is not a mask but a hair styling product). So many complex interactions and reactions at your cellular and hormonal levels you can never be that certain.

I don’t want you to fret, rather understand that foods include a broad range or things you consume, solids or liquids, therapeutics and pharmaceuticals and supplements. They may have complex bodily reactions with your external environment and those choices as well.

Not related to Nutrition or indirectly related, is the propensity for allergic conditions to exacerbate sensitive skin to acne flare-ups, if care is neglected.

Always read labels for contents you are allergic to. This is especially true if you have any food allergies or severe asthma.

Both are hyper reactive inflammatory responses that can turn your clear skin goals’ upside down. It is highly possible to experience allergies to foods and products or vice versa, these are called ‘cross-allergenicity reactions’, very common today.

This is the part where you either have a physician on stand by or that you need to go searching for one! Not to mention a dermatologist.

We are working alongside the experts and trying to get clear skin as a result just more efficiently! This article is not absolution you need to consult with a doctor preferably.

On the note of allergies, and exacerbation of acne, Milk which is treated with hormones have been shown to positively increase sebum production, in turn causing acne according to a study by Pappas. A and associates at the Johnson& Johnson Skin Research Center, New Jersey.

Taking a Microscope to Matter:

It has come to light, the voluminous evidence that exists to establish a direct correlation of diet and its role in the listed 5 ‘proximate’ causes of acne, according to a study by Cordain and associates in 2005.

These causes may be attributed to:

  1. Food choices can have effect on clear skin through Increased Proliferation (growth rate) of the basal keratinocytes (may stimulate growth of these lining cells of the sebaceous ducts) to stimulate sebum production.
  2. They may induce a blockage of ducts through cell to cell adhesion and impede cell death, this means dead ductal cells will prevail with healthy cells to cause a block of the ducts.
  3. Foods may possess certain Hormonal properties or may be enriched with hormones that simulate the natural hormones in action, resulting in increased sebum production.
  4. This creates a suitable environment and thriving colonization of the comedone, the raised bump known as a zit or pimple in common terms, to be infected by Propionibacterium. Acnes.
  5. The result is infection and inflammation both within and around the comedone/pimple.

Please continue toward The check out in Part 2 of my Mini series: 28 UNEXPECTED WAYS FOODS FOR CLEAR SKIN WILL GIVE YOU BETTER HAIR TOO!



note: References and citations appear at the bottom of each article and makes it easier for you to cross reference if you should wish.

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Cited references appear throughout the article. This is a specific dedication to the references applicable here.

2 thoughts on “28 Unexpected ways Foods for Clear Skin gives you Better Hair! Part 1

  1. Hello. Wow I knew somewhat that food had to do with your skin. Such as eating greasy fried food is more likely to give you pimples and blemishes. But honestly I had no idea that eating healthy could also help with your hair and nails as well. I knew calcium could help with this but not things like protein. From your reading thought it makes perfect sense. The healthier food like fruits and vegetable carry more nutrients and in the end help out in many different ways just really never tied it to skin, hair and nails till now. Thank you so much for your help.

    1. Thankyou Melissa I am also going to be diving further into this topic and adding complimentary topics to this very vast topic. I did plenty of Research from volumes of journals and papers, which have also shaped the way I look at food at the grocery store. I am more than thrilled to know I provided information of value to you.

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